DESCRIPTION: Pigmented stains to color wood (21 line)

USED ON: Unfinished solid or veneered wood (as an undercoat)

APPLIED BY: Spray, brush, or dip followed by manual wipe


WIPING STAINS are primarily decorative. They consist of finely dispersed pigmented colors in a binder and solvent. While they do not provide a protective finish coat in themselves, they do fill and- seal the surface of the wood somewhat and help level some close-grained woods. WIPING STAINS are most often applied directly to woods such as maple, birch, gum, tupelo, and the like. An excess of stain is applied to the surface and a manual wiping operation by rags or waste removes the excess material while leaving enough on the surface of the wood to provide the proper overall color. Usually a WIPING STAIN is used to emphasize grain character and this will occur because the pigment particles will lodge in the pores and the softer, more absorbent part of the wood. Occasionally, they are used to uniform differences in wood character and are wiped selectively with more or less color left on the piece depending on the effect desired.

The pigment used are highly resistant to discoloration and will normally be more fade resistant than the wood they are used on. The vehicles and solvents employed are similar to those used in fillers and because of their oxidizing nature, dirty rags should be disposed of promptly to avoid a fire hazard.

Gryphin’s WIPING STAINS are available in a broad range of colors and can be formulated to suit the user's needs. They do not raise the grain of the wood and will be dry enough for recoat in 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Heavy deposits in carvings and moldings may require a somewhat longer drying period.

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