Vinyl Barrier Lacquer

PRODUCT: Vinyl Barrier Lacquer L-1144

DESCRIPTION: Catalyzed Conversion Lacquer

USED ON: Wood or Metal

APPLIED BY: Conventional or airiess spray

COLORS: Clear Water White Gloss - Semi-Gloss and Flat


When a lacquered surface is in contact with a vinyl coating or fabric, there is often a tendency for the lacquer film to soften and erode. This condition is evident in upholstered pieces where the vinyl plastic cushion or arm rest presses onto a coated wood or metal surface. Aircraft interiors, wood moldings on vinyl panels, and novelties utilizing these two surfaces are also applications wherein this type of difficulty is encountered.

The failure is due to the migration of the plasticizer from the vinyl into the lacquer film. The phthalate plasticizers which are commonly used in flexible vinyl products exhibit a solvent action toward nitrocellulose and other resins found in conventional wood and metal lacquers. The plasticizer solvent in this case acts to dissolve the lacquer film much as lacquer thinner or nail polish would act if spilled onto the lacquer surface.

In order to prevent this "migration" it is necessary to provide a lacquer film which is resistant to the solvent action of the plasticizers in-the vinyl product. Vinyl Barrier Lacquer, L-1144, is such a product. It can be used effectively as the top coat over a conventional lacquer, but sufficient film thickness of VBL must be applied to overcome the attraction of the conventional lacquer for the plasticizer. This can generally be accomplished with one full coat.

L-1144 exhibits good adhesion to most conventional lacquers and sealers. It requires the use of a catalyst (TL-5701) which is added prior to the use and converts the lacquer to a resistant film on drying. Forced drying with heat (140 F 30- 60 minutes) will speed the conversion and improve resistance. It dries and applies like a conventional lacquer and can be thinned with a high quality lacquer thinner such as Gryphin’s S-9096. It will rub and polish satisfactorily and is available in various sheens.

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