Uraplez ,Two Component Polyurethane Lacquer

PRODUCT: Uraplez L-4015 Type

DESCRIPTION: Two Component Polyurethane Lacquer

USED ON: Wood, Hardboard, Particle board

APPLIED BY: Conventional or Airiess Spray

GLOSS RANGE: Full gloss to flat


L-4015 type polyurethane topcoats provide application advantages associated with high quality conventional nitrocellulose materials, and the added advantages of excellent solvent and chemical resistance.

This product can be applied by air or airless spray to any wood surface where the durability of a catalyzed finish is desired. The cure film has excellent build, adhesion, clarity, and resistance properties.

L-4015 may be applied as the final topcoat over a conventional nitrocellulose sealer. This product may be recoated after 30 minutes air dry and can be rubbed to a high sheen when air dried overnight.

L-4015 should be mixed just prior to use at a ratio of 17 fluid ounces of TL-7424 to 1 gallon of L-4015. A pot life of 24-36 hours can be expected depending on temperature and humidity conditions.


Both components, as well as the mixed coating, are very moisture sensitive and should be protected from all contact with water and high humidity. This can cause a premature pot life problem evidenced by a hazy film and/or excess viscosity increase. Any solvents used for on-line adjustment must be of urethane grade only.


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