High Gloss, High Build Polyester, UL-111


DESCRIPTION: High Gloss, High Build Polyester

USED ON: Wood, Fibreboard, Particle Board

APPLICATION: Two-component Spray



UL-111 is a high gloss, high solids topcoat that provides excellent build, gloss clarity and hardness, whenever a durable, high quality finish is desired.

This product is suitable for use over painted and wood finishes.

This product was specially formulated for short flash times and quick cure at low temperatures.

The following schedule is normally recommended:

15 minutes air flash @ 70'F minimum

20 minutes @ 150'F

Air Dry overnight before rub


In most cases, a catalyst ratio of 4 oz. C-346 per gallon of UL-111 is recommended. This gives a maximum pot life of 10 minutes; therefore, should be applied with a 2 component catalyst gun.


To minimize stability problems, store this material in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be below 78OF for best results. This material should be kept in tightly sealed containers and the air space between the surface of the material and the lid should be kept at the minimum to avoid self-curing in the container.


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