High Build Polyester Sealer

PRODUCT: High Build Polyester Sealer, UL 500 series

USED ON: Wood, Fiberboard, Particle Board

APPLICATION: Two-component Spray Equipment Gloss-Flat


UL- polyester sealer has been developed to give exceptional build and sandability. Single coats of 5-6 mils are preferred and recoating is not recommended. Due to a solids of 97%, UL will normally give a full build and smooth surface once sanded. UL- may be air dried overnite or cured at 1501 F for 20 minutes, once it is catalyzed and sprayed. For best results, dry material overnite before sanding.


Add catalyst at the rate of 5 oz. of C-346/gallon of sealer. Pot life is 10 minutes.


To minimize stability problems, store this material in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be below 781 F for best results. This material should be kept in tightly sealed containers and air space between the surface of the material and the lid of the container should be kept to a minimum to avoid self-curing in the container.

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