SCANLAC ,High Performance nitrocellulose lacquer (catalyzed)


DESCRIPTION: High Performance nitrocellulose lacquer (catalyzed)

USED ON: Wood, hardboard, particle board.

APPLIED BY: Conventional or airless spray

COLORS: Clear (water white) in Gloss, Semi-Gloss or Flat


Basically a lacquer type material, SCANLAC will form a good, clear film when applied in the conventional manner. Its truly outstanding characteristics are only produced, however, when used in association with its catalyst (or accelerator). This material initiates a chemical reaction in the SCANLAC by causing a conversion process to take place in the resins. This produces toughness and durability unattainable in conventional air dried films. One gallon of catalyst is sufficient to catalyze a drum of SCANLAC. It is added, then mixed thoroughly and applied as any conventional material using standard fluid and atomizing pressures. The catalyzed SCANLAC will remain usable for 3 - 4 days depending on the temperature and the surrounding conditions. After this time, the material may increase in viscosity or become hazy thereby indicating that a chemical change has occurred and that it would be wise to prepare a fresh batch of catalyzed stock. Regardless of the visible evidence, it is not good practice to use catalyzed SCANLAC which has stood for more than a week, since the film properties may be affected adversely.

In order to obtain full benefit from SCANLAC's unusual toughness, sanding sealer and stearated washcoats should be avoided. A special SCANLAC washcoat and sealer is available for those applications which require their use. The use of a stearated product with SCANLAC will reduce its toughness and may cause surface bloom. The special washcoat and sealer are not unusual in their application properties and may be used in the conventional finishing procedures. SCANLAC should not be applied over acid sensitive dyes or pigments. The sensitivity of all color coats to acid catalyst should be evaluated.


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