Polyplez Conversion Enamel

High Solids, Catalyzed, Fast Dry Color Coating

PRODUCT: Polyplez Conversion Enamel (15 line)

DESCRIPTION: High Solids, Catalyzed, Fast Dry Color Coating

APPLICATION: Conventional or Airiess Spray

COLORS: Wide Spectrurn of Custom Colors

GLOSS RANGE: Flat to Gloss

SUBSTRATES: Wood, Fibreboard and Particle Board


Polypiez. Conversion Enamels are a unique line of high solids colored enamels designed to provide excellent build to wood and wood type substrates for interior use.

The cured finish is a tough, chemical and solvent resistant coating for use on kitchen cabinets, institutional furniture and other wood surfaces which are subject to wear and abrasions

For best results, a companion conversion sealer should be used. This will provide maximum toughness, adhesion, and moisture resistant characteristics, to the final finish.

This coating, when properly catalyzed, may be air dried or cured at low temperature, such as 120-130, for 20 - 30 minutes.

Other properties are similar to the Varplez series of coatings, which have had an outstanding record of performance in the chemical coatings field for many years.


Polyplez produces almost twice the dry film thickness of conventional synthetic enamels at equal wet film thickness and three times the dry film thickness of conventional lacquer enamels at equal wet film.

Polyplez need not be heated in order to provide sprayable viscosity ranges. However, some low temperature heating (90 -110'F) will improve sprayability and aid application in the higher solids ranges.

Since less solvent is present in Polyplez than in conventional coatings, emission problems are reduced. With the growing regulatory restrictions on emissions by chemical coatings users, Polyplez is a timely product for helping to meet these regulations.

As with any higher solids products, care must be given to your execution areas. Polyplez dries and performs best with good make up air and heat. Humidity will cause poor cure and lifting.


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