High Solids Size Coat Edge Filler


PRODUCT: High Solids Size Coat Edge Filler

DESCRIPTION: Flexible product used for sizing or sealing on all kinds of substrates to promote easier "lacquered or polyester" appearance of the finished product.

USED ON: Wood of all kinds, particle board, fiberboard, etc.

APPLIED BY: Airless, conventional,air mix, automatic or hand spray HVLP.


This product was generally developed to meet the needs of the Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Industries. It is a product that sizes and fills the substrate very well, to allow high solids performance coatings to be-applied over this product be they polyester or. polyurethane typef coatings. The product can be formulated at various solids, and the addition of catalyst promotes quick drying, sanding, and hold out characteristics. The product can also be applied without the addition of catalyst.

The size edge/filler coat is very tough and has superior scratch/marring properties, as well as resistance to water absorption through end grain.

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