A Unique Wiping Stain that gives multiple color tones in a single product.

PRODUCT Duatone Stain


DESCRIPTION: A Unique Wiping Stain which gives multiple color tones in a single product.

APPLICATION: Spray, Rag or Brush.

COLORS: Available in an unlimited Spectrum of Color and Transparency.


"Duatone" is the latest addition to Gryphin’s Spectrum of Colors for the 90s. It offers to manufactures who use wood in their products, a multipurpose stain which can be formulated to give brilliance and clarity or soft, subtle wood tones and everything in between. These colors are fade resistant and can be used under today's high tech coatings such as plural component polyurethanes (Gryphins's Uraplez and Ultraplez), Low V.O.C. High Solids Conversion Coatings (Varplez, Velplez,Hyplez and Sunplez) as well as conventional lacquers.

"Duatone" is resistant to the catalysts and accelerators used in these clear coats.

The unique combination of individual 'colors used in "Duatone" enables furniture, cabinet and other wood product users to obtain the look of multi-step color systems, in one application.


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