DESCRIPTION: Intermediate coat used in high performance coating systems

USED ON: Wood, hardboard, particle board

APPLIED BY: Conventional airless spray Air Assisted, HVLP

COLORS: Clear and colors


A Conversion sealer is normally used in a high performance coating system in which durability, toughness, adhesion, stain and water resistance, etc. are required. It is most often applied as a sealer coat in conjunction with a catalyzed topcoat such as Varplez or Scanlac, and would be specially formulated for the particular system in which it is used. In comparison with conventional stearated NC sealers, it provides superior adhesion and water resistance. It does not sand as readily as sanding sealers and stearated sandpaper is recommended for use with it. Catalyzed Conversion sealer will have limited pot life and should be force dried for best results.

The Conversion sealer is especially effective in eliminating whitening of finish due to scratch marring and to water absorption through end grain.

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