Aquaplez Stain: Water-based wiping stain

PRODUCT: Aquaplez Stain

DESCRIPTION: Water-based wiping stain

USED ON: High-impact polystyrene plastic

APPLIED BY: Spray, dip, or rag, followed by wiping and/or antiquing with brush

COLORS: Wide variety of wood tones and decorator colors


AQUAPLEZ STAIN is a unique finishing material developed to provide a handcrafted decorative appearance on polystyrene plastic in one application. It is especially effective in simulating a wood appearance on injection or rotational molded parts.

Since AQUAPLEZ STAIN is a water-based material, the flammability, air pollution and toxicity problems associated with solvent type coatings are avoided. The finishing process can be carried out-with a limited amount of hand work in a plant area which need not be specially designed for the handling of hazardous materials. Equipment and brushes can be cleaned with an inexpensive Gryphin water based wash material. Finish rejects are easily washed off prior to curing with the same wash material.

AQUAPLEZ STAIN can be applied and wiped with a rag to give a stain color effect or carefully antiqued with a brush to achieve an expensive handcrafted look. A wide variety of color combinations can be developed by varying the base color of the plastic and the color of the AQUAPLEZ STAIN. While the AQUAPLEZ STAIN finish develops excellent adhesion to polystyrene and outstanding scrub resistance to detergents and soap, it is recommended that a clear protective coat be used over the stain if service conditions call for constant wear or abrasion of the finish. AQUAPLEZ STAIN is a very quick drying product, 5-15 minutes @ 120-150F, 30 minutes Air Dry 750F.

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